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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Survey is done and WOW!

I've been off-line for a couple of days – nope the chickens didn't get me. But wow what a fine turn of events...
 What the back of the property looks like

You'll remember my performance with the bad neighbors the other day, right?   Well things have really been hopping around here - we called the survey boys to come on out. Here's the telling of events:

Day one:
We were just cleaned up and headed for town when....the survey guys showed up. And nope they didn't call the day before, just a call that very minute that said they were about here. Yikes!

So we put our work clothes back on and met up with them at the gate. After a lot of fiddling around we went out there and hiked all over with them to find the property marker pins. It was great. At one point I got to run thru the woods with the big hammer in one hand and a machete in the other - it was The Best. Day. Ever.


It seemed to the survey guys that them bad neighbors may have dug their pond right where the property marker pin was supposed to be...which was why they couldn't find it with the metal detector.

As soon as I heard that I formed a strategy to get back at them bad neighbors that included digging out my scuba gear, running the fence directly to the pin in the pond, and gettin' me a big ol' water buffalo, named Moooo-ssolini, and letting him lay around in our side of that pond. THEN we'd see who the crazy neighbor is! HA!


We had a lot more fiddlin' around to do with the survey equipment and such so I just stood there with my mouth shut. Especially seein' as how The Big Man wouldn't let me talk to the neighbor. Apparently I'm some kind of liability to our diplomatic relations or some such nonsense.

So I just glared meanly at that bad neighbor when he came out to see what's what when them survey boys were out there diggin' around in the yard. That would be my side of the yard.

Standing there quietly with all the pointing and marking and all, I could tell their dang burn pile is on my side too. I furthered my plot to annoy them to include that one nite, after I put up Moooo-ssolini in the barn, I'd have all my rowdy friends over and we'd have our own yuck-it-up burnpile/party until 4am. On a Tuesday. Then we'll just see who was the most obnoxious neighbor. Oh yeah.. they'd be sorry alright.

But just when I got to the point in my revenge fantasy that we'd all be singin' songs out there and hollarin'... the survey guy walked off with the equipment and left me standing there smoldering in my rage. I finally caught up with him but not before he made it all the way up into the drive.

Of course, OD the gander, was there shrieking at that survey guy and nearly got him. I warned him not to walk off without me......But I chased OD off before any damage was done and helped the survey guy load up. They promised to be back soon with the final results.

Day Two
The survey boys made their sudden appearance again (for heavens sakes why not call earlier?!). They came out to put the property marker pins in. We made a big hulabaloo about it to make sure them bad neighbors knew that it was official and all. The big news is that our property does NOT include the bad neighbor's pond... but we are just on the edge of it and in fact, part of their ornamental pond-deck-thingy in on our side.

Just to make things clear we ran a line of hot pink fencing twine and pounded in a huge florescent orange painted t-post where the line is, for their convenience of course. Yep right there just where they can see it.

The Big Man (not me, I'm still forbidden to talk to them) told the neighbor we'd do the fencing soon. But he doesn't know I'm doing it tomorrow!

So no water buffalo for me. For now. But you never know. If they aren't as quiet as church mice I might just get my dander up again and then I'll have to settle for regular buffalo. We'll see how tough that bad neighbor is with 2 tons of anger standin' there stompin' and snortin' at him.


But we got everything marked on their side and then hiked all the way to the back pin marking the trees and putting up the required signs.

As far as we can tell there are a lot of sad faces over there at the neighbors.  Their lot is just an acre.... and its getting smaller by the day. The electric line guys were out there cutting down the trees in front by the road like they did to us a couple weeks ago. For us it was just irritating, for them, it was half their yard. And then there's us working on the other side. Maybe they'll just go back to town.

We couldn't be sure but we thought we heard them over there taking down their ornamental pond-deck-thingy. I'll see for sure tomorrow when I get my fencing tools together and head out to work. You can imagine my surprise when we saw another puppy over there this morning. Yep. This should be interesting.


One funny note. I gave the survey guys a couple dozen eggs and showed them they were all colors and such. One was a blue green egg and he actually asked me if the yolk was green. “No honey, just the shell.”


Chai Chai said...

You have a stream (or crick for them there country folk) - I am so jealous.

What is it they say on Arizona, hmmm .... Good fences make good neighbors.

Did you tell the survey guy that you always sell or give away those eggs with the green shells because you; "I don't like green eggs and ham, not on a log, not with the neighbors dog, not in the Shire, not up late at the neighbors bonfire, not with folks who are dense (guess who), not when putting up a property fence....."

small farm girl said...

Now you will be able to have some piece and quiet. Hopefully. Hey if you want to get back at your neighbors? Get some pigs. lol

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I LOVE green eggs and ham! ha ha ha ha very cute.. and excellent rhyming!

SFG - you have no idea.. We've had pigs for a while now..and I hate them more than just about anything.. but I love bacon (and ham with green eggs). I considered puttin' the pigs down in front of their house.. but you can't risk the bacon!

Chai Chai said...

I think SFG meant for you to get some of them handsome Pig-Sheep that you have been dreaming about. One look at them and the neighbors might think they are living next to Mrs Moreau, the good Doctors kin.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

AAAAAAGHGHGHHG! Oh sheesh I looked at them horrible sheep-pigs again and now I'm afraid to go to bed

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