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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lettuce begin....

I mean.. let us begin with... lettuce!

Potted lettuce -its beautiful!

I haven't been able to grow a leaf of lettuce my whole life. It just never works out so you can imagine my surprise when those silly "weeds" that kept popping up in my gravel pathway were.... lettuce! Romaine to be exact. So I let them grow instead of yanking them out.

Malcontents working off their just eaten lettuce lunch. 

Wouldn't you know that just when I got a nice big head of lettuce going..... I walked away from the garden without closing the gate....and the geese scooted in and ate it! For heavens sakes. I'm counting on my 'started in pots' lettuce now. I hope I will one day have a salad.

We got more strawberries the other day and I was jammin' all afternoon. I cleaned another 25 pounds of berries in one fell swoop. And yes yes.. there was more pie.

The last of the season - worth the work for sure!

That's the day in pictures - hope that everyone had a great week! Happy Friday!


Betty Bohemian said...

That's great! Lettuce get planted in the fall here, though I did have a successful crop of Chard! It all went to the goats And rabbits though.

Mr. H. said...

I'll trade you a big bag of mixed salad greens for two goose eggs. Sorry about your lettuce.:(

David P. Offutt - The Gastronomic Gardener said...

25 lbs of berries? Make me want to sit down and rest!

Jody said...

Voluntary lettuce in the driveway, is that what I read? For someone whose never been able to grow it, that's ironic.

How many pounds of strawberries have you harvested this year? How big is your patch? Ours are finished now. In a 25x4 foot patch we harvested about 35 pounds.

Heiko said...

Best way, let things grow where they chose to grow like that giant pumpkin on my ex-compost heap. Just keep them critters away from it!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Betty! Love chard - yum!

Mr. H - I'll trade you a cooked goose - they got in again and finished it off. Drat!

David - I was exhausted after that day!

Hi Jody! Actually it was in the gravel walkway in the front garden. I couldnt believe it. We've picked about 45 pounds this year - BUT not all ours. We had to go to a UPick place for most of it.

Heiko - I love the "Do Nothing" method - and we welcome all volunteers. I just garden around them.

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