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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hillbilly Hoop House

I'm still working on puppy time so not a lot of time to post these last couple of days. But I did want to get in a quick pic of my new hillbilly hoop house:

We slapdashed this together the other day. Our first frost was on Saturday the 22 so we scrambled to get some things covered up.

For this quick hoop house I just used the tallest tposts that we had and used a 1x1's as a top beam and then I used a short piece of field fence as the "hoop." The "hoop" is secured (loosely) to two "sides" which are just cross pieces on shorter tposts. Heavy plastic is the cover. Easy peasy. If I can keep my swiss chard going I'll use straw bales as walls.

I made another larger one of these hoop houses... and it was going great - until I found one of my chickens in it scratching up all my seedlings! Drat.

In other news, the puppy is doing great. He spent his first nite with the big dogs...and he was just fine.  Kai is still pretty rough and tumble with him so he slept in his cage. He didn't cry at all. So we were also fine. Mostly. Lets just say we didn't burst into flames and the puppy took it much better than the rest of us. He slept until 7:30 and didn't miss us at all. Not a bit. They grow up so fast.

Today's gratuitous puppy shot - little Zander giving the evil hedgehog the 'what for.' He hates the hedgehog and take every opportunity to shake it and growl like a Tasmanian devil. It hilarious. The pup is still in that funny phase where he plays until he falls over. Then sleeps where ever he lands.

He's already changing a lot. His tail is starting to curl, which is adorable. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do have all your plants covered up? Have your hoops over everything?


Mr. H. said...

My hoops are up and covered, I think we will have had our first frost this morning...we shall see. I like your hoop design, with the strawbales as sides it should work really good...if you keep the chickens out.:)

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

I love the hillbilly hoop house!

We're not sure if we're moving or not so I didn't plant any three season crops. Fortunately we're also in the city so we haven't had any frost yet.

Autumn said...

Hillbilly Hoop House... LOL! I might not have any plants to cover this year, but if I did, I probably would have one, too.

JeffJustJeff said...

Wow, that looks just like the hoophouse from Mother Earth News!!! LOL. I was thinking of trying the same thing with some saplings. I just picture me making a misstep and getting catapulted through the field making sounds like Goofy. Heck, native Americans built houses like that, why couldn't we build a hoophouse? I have row cover over my plants right now. I think I should be ok until the mid to low 20's. The materials to build it the 'right' way are just so expensive...

Jody said...

I love the hoop house. It's perfect, because it works! We just built a hillbilly cold frame. I should post some pictures!

Team HighTail said...

I'm curious, do your various pups have jobs on the farm?

We're on the verge of getting our own little plot and intend to make serious use of my small pack of sheepdogs, yorkshire-like vermin hunter (in theory), and bulldog potential pulling machine.

Mary Ann said...

This is such a cute puppy! Our pugs have a hedgehog... cost 98 cents and is their favorite toy!

We have already had our frosts, and the only thing still going strong are the mums, the veronica and the snaps, and some potatos that missed being pulled!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Mr. H - darn chickens! so far so good with the smaller one.

Thanks Rachel! we're headed for another round of cold. boo!

Hi Autumn! This was so easy to put together.

Ha! Jeff! you caught me.. I totally laughed about you being launch.. I've see something like that before. ha! But yeah - its expensive. I've been taking up saplings as well. If anything they can be used to support some peas and such next year.

Jody - I'm popping by to see if you posted your pix! Would love to see the new cold frame!

Hey THT! Yep - everybody works here. Kai and Zander will be our hunters...and the big dogs help with the herding. Everyone "protects the boarders".. but Dog#1 really is my second pair of hands. He does everything but milk the goats. Dog#2 has the better nose and is great at getting the clucks moving in one direction.

Thanks Mary Ann - we just love him. Really, we are entirely smitten. And who knew a hedgehog could be so much fun?

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