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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Water Trolley

Remember when I planted all that stuff outside the fence a while ago?  Its doing GREAT! The alfalfa, clover, corn, and sunflowers are all springing up.  So are the beans and onions that I put out there. Unfortunately - we haven't had much rain lately. We are overdue for a good soaking and we've got heat on the way.

"Out past the gate" is further than the hoses reach and I really needed to get those little bean sprouts watered. I remembered our pal over at The Gardener of Eden and how she talked about a water truck that comes to their community gardens. I figured.... maybe I can do something similar.

So ladies and gentlemen.... the water trolley.

This worked great! I ran the hose as far as I could out to the gate to prevent spilling the water.....then pulled the wagon out to the beans and gave them a good soaking.

Thanks, Robin, for the great idea! You saved my beans for sure.

Is everyone getting their gardens watered? The heat is gonna be a hotsy-totsy for sure this weekend!

Happy Thursday everyone!


KatB said...

Hotsy totsy. I like it. Not so much the heat, but the phrase. :)

freemotion said...

I'm still planting mine, but we keep having showers so I haven't had to even water in my seeds yet. I'm fortunate that my hoses reach....but I do have about 500 feet of hose going to the pig pasture. Or is it 600? I put a splitter near the garden and ran another hose over there. No more hauling water for me....but that wagon is a great idea!

Robin said...

I just love your water trolley! I am so glad that your beans got a good drink!

It is raining buckets here right now! Just crazy, I was at the plots since this morning and it came in like gang busters!

Chai Chai said...

Is it for hauling water. or is it the BACON WAGON OF DOOM?

David said...

We sure need the rain here too!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Kristen! Its gonna be another scorcher today... a real hotsty totsy! ha! I like that saying too

We need about 500 ft of hoses also, Free.. in fact, we are getting some today!

Ha! thanks Robin! It was your good idea. We could use a little of your rain for sure.

Its TOTALLY the Bacon Wagon of DOOOOOO! CC, you're the best - thanks for renaming it. Whoot!

Dave, we are starting to get pretty ding dang dry.. I'm running the sprinklers again this morning.

Damummis said...

OOooo, I have rain. Lotsa rain, fog and this wet air stuff. Wish I could send it your way, I am starting to mold. LOL

Ohiofarmgirl said...

we could surely use some of that rain, D, and some fog would be nice too!

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