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Friday, May 4, 2012

Now THAT'S a beautiful bucket of milk!

This is the fruit of all that goat weed whacking...a beautiful bucket of milk!

In the mornings I get a little over 3 quarts of milk from Nibbles and Dahlia - which is pretty darn good considering we don't have any lovely alfalfa hay yet. This is mostly from them browsing on the hillside.

The hillside browsing is going so well that we are probably going to put a gate at the bottom of the goatyard that connects directly to the hillside. This way the goats can come and go as they please....we don't have to stand there and watch the goats until they are done and want to get back to "their" yard.

In other news, I'm official onion-crazy. After all this time I'm having success with growing onions... I can finally grow them!. The problem? I keep eating them as green onions and not letting them grow to full size! I just can't get enough of this meal... or radishes.  Here it is again with the green onions and all those lovely radishes. In fact... I might just have that for breakfast!

Happy Friday everyone!


Alistairsqueen1 said...

Now I really want Goats ;)

Alistairsqueen1 said...

Now I need to get some goats

Jody said...

Still jealous about the goats. They're still just out of reach here... but we sure can relate with you about onions. We're planting more onions this year than we've ever planted. They can be stuck just about anywhere!

David said...

happy friday!

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