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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grazing Goats

This is what goats are supposed to do - eat all the bramble and stuff.  We needed to clear out some of the bramble on our hillside so we tacked up some fencing to keep the goats in. At first they were a little nervous even tho they are exactly 10 feet from the goat yard. Every morning we bring them to their new "paddock" to graze in. I guess "browse" is the better term. The goats are making tremendous progress and hopefully I won't have to do any bush whacking when they are done.

They love it.  The goats practically kick down the gate to get to the goods. And its good for them. Unlike sheep who will mow down grass,  goats love to eat weeds. They'll eat poison ivy like candy, take the wild rose down to a nub, and they go hog wild over blackberry bushes.

And yours truly doesn't have to get covered in poison ivy and scratches from the wild rose bushes.

Now this is how to clear a hillside. Me in a chair watching the goats. Good goats.  Keep up the good work!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is everyone excited about having a super-terrific-goat-grazin' day?


rkbsnana said...

Just happened to sit down to read a few posts as yours went up. I love your little goats. They would come in handy in our old place but.....not so good in new place. Train would get them.

freemotion said...

Goats are amazing brush clearers, aren't they? My field was loaded with brush and goldenrod that got over four feet high in spots. All gone. Turned into milk.

Beth of the Rocks said...

I am udderly excited about Tue-Tue-Tuesday!!

becky3086 said...

Well, no goats here though I could use some to eat away at some weeds and brush we have here.

Heavens Door Acres said...

What a great feeling when the animals all come together, and earn their keep! Good looking goats too! As soon as we get our woods fenced in...ours will "get to work" as well...on the roses and poison ivy. Can goats eat Elderberries or will I have to get them out first?

small farm girl said...

I live where there is NO traffic (dirt road). I actually let my goats loose so that they can get the weeds out of my yard. Of course once the garden is in, they aren't let out. lol

Chai Chai said...

My goats are going to have the same job once the Commander gets the fencing up in the forest!

David said...

Weed whacking and milk. Sounds like a good idea!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks RKBs! the goaties are doign a great job.

Weeds into milk, its fabulous, Free!

BotR - you know it! udderly excited for sure!

Becky - you gotta take the goat plunge!

I dunno about elderberries, HDA.. but i bet Free does. :-)

Great work, SFG! "Hey you goats! keep out of the garden!" that should do the trick ;-)

CC - the fencing never ends... does it.. sheesh!

Dave, goats are the original weed eaters! :-)

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