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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Turnip of Doom and planting notes

This turnip planted itself and I've been cracking myself up with how big its gotten. At some point its just going to crack or go to seed but I've been calling it the Turnip of Doom... very hilarious.

I've gotta get some planting notes in because you know I'll never remember...

June 3rd
* Replaced the broom corn that either didnt sprout or the stupid birds took on the hill by the treeline. Also moved some sunflowers that washed down to the path.
* Planted top row of pumpkin hills by peach tree with seeds from that great blue pumpkin we got last fall. Middle row is butternut squash, bottom row is more blue pumpkin.
* Established cucumber hill in corner by apple tree. Included some heritage summer squash as well as those great Italian striped zukes. Planted some radishes on each hill and also some sunflowers.
* Replaced bolted radishes under apple tree with giant romaine lettuce and planted bok choi by onions.
* Replaced bolted spinach by cabbage with Roma beans.
* One row of Dragon Tongue heritage beans closest to fencerow by lilacs followed by two rows of dwarf horticulture beans - seeds were from last year (??) but should work. Two rows of same horticulture beans along path by older apple tree. Finished up one long row of beans by fencerow on dogmoat and also 3 short rows by new fruit trees on east facing fencerow. This soil really needs improvement. Added fertilizer and lime but its pretty bad.

May 31 Square garden planting
* Romaine lettuce along path near basil tub ("custom blend")
* Dragon Tongue heritage beans in short row then beets
* Three kinds of raspberries:  Fall Glow (yellow), two red "heritage", one Brandywine
* After raspberries I planted several short rows of Roma beans closest to gate for easy picking.
* Hills at ends of rows are Genovese zucchini (striped) and some dark green zucchs

The tomatoes in the square garden are doing great - including the ones I started from seed at the top of the hill and transplanted. They are either Cherokee Purple or the romas... drat! Wish I had marked them better.

Also - I ran across this great site as a quick reference for companion planting. I don't know anything about them but boy this is a great 'at a glace' reference.

And now I have to quit talking about gardening and get out there and do some gardening.

Happy Sunday everyone! Now get out there and do some gardening!


Mary Smith said...

I use GH for companion planting as well. Great info and I love your turnip.

David said...

YAY! I've got Dragon tongue and roma beans too!

Let that turnip grow long enough maybe you can carve it like a jack-o-lantern!

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