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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Candy Cane Biscotti

Did you get suckered into the 10 for $10 boxes of candy cane sale at the store? Yeah me too. OK so what are you gonna do with all those candy canes? How about make biscotti!

How fun are these cookies?

I'm still on a biscotti rampage - I made another batch of the gingerbread ones just the other day. Since the mixer was out I figured I'd try the Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipe for Peppermint Candy Biscotti..and try to put a dent in the mountain of candy canes I got on sale.

If you get get past the step of unwrapping the candy canes you are set!

The first infuriating step it to pound all those candy canes to dust. That's if you can get them out of the wrappers. My golly what an ordeal! Worse than the plastic wrapping around DVD's if you ask me. And the candy cane dust makes everything sticky. But it is pretty. I used my small Handy Chopper to do the job.

I'm guessing you can use candy cane dust for lots of fun things...like on the rim of a mug of hot cocoa?

The dough is super easy - but it's sticky also even before you add the candy cane dust. Basically everything in your kitchen will be sticky until you get these bad boys in the oven. Once you get it mixed up then shape it into loaves and bake. Cool the baked loaves a few minutes, lower your oven a bit, slice the loaves and bake the slices again - be sure to turn halfway thru baking.

I added a dusting of ground candy canes to the top of one of the loaves. It turned out great!

These biscotti are crunchy and pepperminty. And fun to eat. If you really want to fancy them up you can dunk them chocolate. No white chocolate comes in this house so I used some dark chocolate chips on a few of the cookies.

So friends, when you are taking down the tree just gather up all those candy canes that were decorations and grind them into dust and make up a batch of these Candy Cane Biscotti.

Happy Saturday everyone! Did you get any snow? We did and its a superfun snow day for dogs!


herdog said...

Kill two birds..um..candy canes, with one stone..um..glass. Gently smash the candy canes IN the wrapper. Works wonders but still a sticky mess. Think I'll make some biscotti with my 10 for 1.00 candy canes. Thanks for the idea!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

herdog..that brilliant! thanks for the tip!

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