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Friday, May 17, 2013

An Everyday Miracle

I'm not the biggest fan of goats but it occurred to me yesterday that it's an everyday kind of miracle that they take bramble and weeds and, amazingly, make it into luscious milk. Thanks Nibs.

That's all the deep thoughts I have for a Friday.

Have a great day, friends, anything could happen!


Horst in Edmonton said...

Goats are awesome creatures.

Chai Chai said...

I often think it is a miracle that the weather and humidity cooperate in a manner that their royal hignesses (the goats) deem it worthy to go outside and eat something other than grain or expensive hay!

Anonymous said...

Hello ! Goats are wonderful. I had 3 in my life and each one was special in their own way. I became very attached to them. Nanny, Edna, and Bernie were their names. Our goats were GREAT also at eating down brush. It is amazing to watch them eat sticker bushes-thorns and all ! Trimming hooves was no fun though. Thank you for sharing. Todd

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Yep they are something else, Horst.

Ha! you are too soft with them CC, my Klingon Management Techniques really pay off!

Hi Todd! Great to see you - and I love your goat names. :-D

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Love, love goats. They have so much personality! Ours follow us around all the time!

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