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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Box of Peeps and a Rant You've Just Gotta Read

Here they are! A cute box of peeps arrived perfectly yesterday at the post. The two chicks we already had were terrified of the fuzzy invaders and kind of hid in one corner for a while.
 Heapin', peepin' box o' fun!

But then I brought down more chick feed and everyone started to get along. The white ones are the creepy meats.The brown ones are Welsummers and one Buff Brahma - those were extras I ordered to get a reduced shipping price.

All the little buddies bellied up to the drinker for some sips.

These guys will be in the house for just a couple days then they will be moved out to a kiddie pool in one side of the turkey house.

There were a lot of great things passed around the interweb yesterday, not the least of which was this rant by one of my favorite food guys, Michael Ruhlman. He's my go-to guy for all things Charcuterie. Plus I love how he rips on people who refuse to cook their own food and how Big Food and others  have pulled the wool over our eyes so we don't think for ourselves about how we live and what we eat.

Here is the bottom line, convenience food aren't very convenient if they just give you heart disease, a stroke, or diabetes. All you're really doing is rushing yourself to an early grave and a lifetime of some kind of medication.

I made dinner last nite and it took less than 20 minutes of standing up time. Then I went out and did chores and came back and ate our meal hot from the oven. And I liberally salted our food.

Happy Thursday everyone! Now get out there and cook your own food!


Rachel said...

Six creepy meat chicks are living in a tub in my garage as of last night too... I'll move them out to a chicken tractor when they are feathered in. I decided I had to try raising meat birds if only for their ability to turn over the soil in the orchard.

Eliza Lynn Taylor said...

I saw a Dr. Oz episode the other day about eating healthy-as in a CHEAP way to eat a Mediterranean diet. They suggested buying canned and frozen foods, as the fresh ones spoil too quickly and are more expensive. Uhm, the dietician at the hospital when my husband had a heart attack told us to stay as far away from canned anything edible as we could get because of all the preservatives, salt and chemicals in them. Frozen okay, but not canned. I am growing my own and canning and freezing my own. I know what is in it and it's in glass not some chemically coated can. I couldn't believe Dr. Oz didn't say something about the sodium in that canned stuff.

Unknown said...

I don't understand how people seem to feel empowered by NOT cooking, I feel empowered by knowing I produce the majority of my food on my own property and I can cook up whatever I feel like if I remember to get it out of the freezer in time! And I love that salt isn't bad for me, I've been sprinkling it over everything since I found out :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

great work Rachel! hopefully they will get out there and scratch around. mostly they just lumber about. ;-)

yeah, Eliza.. that Dr. Oz... sometimes he just doesnt make sense to me at all. you can get low sodium canned stuff i guess - but as you say, why not just get frozen stuff?

Liz, it does not make sense to me at all. its a weird cultural thing that i've seen some people do. many younger women think its totally "low class" to cook like they have better things to do with their time. the best part about making your own food (starting with growing it) is that you know exactly what is in it. my "fast food" is some home canned or frozen stuff - easy peasy.

David said...

A good rant indeed... I can't imagine not cooking the vast majority of my meals.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i know isnt that weird, Dave?

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