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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daphne's Big Day Out

Hey everyone! Things are really hopping around here - I think I'm a little behind in my comments but I'll catch up soon. Another big day today but here is some adorableness for your Thursday. It's Daphne - isn't she a doll?

She went on the longest walk of her whole life yesterday. She was a champ. Doesn't she have beautiful markings?

Then she got tired and laid down under her momma, Debbie.

She gave me a lot of cute looks.  Daphne is one big baby - I think she is the tallest baby we've ever had here. She is going to be a superstar milker for sure.

In other news - we've been having all kind of problems with wasps. The first thing that happened to me yesterday was that I got stung - it was in my shirt! I'll leave it to your imagination what happened. Then our poor Kai got all stung up in her mouth and face! It was a very sad day for everyone. I applied a "12 ounce cold compress" to my sting and we gave Kai some Benedryl (per instructions from the vet). I think we are both going to live.

Here's hoping for a less lively day today!  Happy Thursday everyone!


Unknown said...

Daphne is just way too cute! Congrats!

Unknown said...

CUTE! I love how quickly baby animals can get around. Our calf does race-horse training laps around the paddock, with momma cow running behind mooing at him to come back!

.... and wasps suck, I hate them, poor you and poor Kai, I hope you find their nest....

Unknown said...

What a cutie pie!

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