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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh baby! It's Daphne!

Yesterday was another banner baby day here on the farm. I knew that it was Debbie's lucky day so me and the dog kind of hung around the turkey house watching and waiting.....

 At the end of these shenanigans we got this!

And waiting.... and waiting some more. At first I was saying encouraging things to Debbie to help her with her labor like "Hurry up! I have things to do today and you'll never have that baby if you keep screwing around!" and "OMG! Not on my shoe!"

To make matters more hilarious, one of the geese kept popping his head thru an opening in the wall and biting Debbie on the nose! He was not helping at all.  She didn't think it was funny at all.

Then things started happening and unfortunately it wasn't going so well. I've been worried about Debbie the last couple weeks - this pregnancy has been extremely hard on her. Basically I've been cobbling her together with baling twine and duct tape for a while now. She was looking bad. Real bad.

So I texted the neighbor kid who, luckily, was just a few minutes away. That kid, I gotta tell you - she is something else. But you already know how I feel about her. Actually she's past the kid stage and well on her way to being all grown up.

Anyway, she rolled in the drive with her shades on and wearing her scrubs from her job at a local vet. There I was running around in my kitchen gloves in a panic - I might have been a little "screech-y" at that point. For heavens sakes I didn't even have matching socks on!  But not our kid she had it all together. She sauntered over, hunkered down at the business end of that goat, and before I could pass out she had Debbie's baby on the ground. She didn't even get her shirt dirty! Not a drop!

We made sure that Debbie was OK and the one enormous baby had latched on to the tap and all was well. Once again our fabulous nieghbor kid saved the day - my golly we are lucky to have her around.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Who is going to play with a brand new baby goatie today? I am - and her name is going to be Daphne.


Carolyn said...

How awesome is it to have a neighbor kid like that!? And congrats on the doeling! We only got four stinking bucks this year. Not that I'm jealous. At all. In the least bit.

Unknown said...

Great news! wonderful to have such resourceful neighbours! love your words of encouragement, it can be so frustrating waiting for baby animals to arrive, but I'm sure its worse for the mothers :)

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, that's one big baby Goat. Welcome to the world Daphne.

Maple Creek Farm said...

We had crazy goat baby day yesterday as well!! Our Juliet was in labor all night, long story short, two babies, tangled up, thought we were gonna lose all 3 of them at one point. After a tense hour or so and thanks to some great (and very experienced) friends, we ended up with a healthy little Amelia and a stillborn buck kid. Bittersweet, but still an amazing day on the farm! Enjoy your wobbly cuteness you have there and congrats!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yep Carolyn - we are superduper lucky!

thanks Liz - i'm so glad we had help!

yep Horst, she was HUGE and she is going to be a superstar milker.

great work MCF!! but sorry about the little buck. :-/

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