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Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Make an Adjustable Soap Mold - FREE Ebook today!

Does everyone know my friend Boyd? Not only is a real can-do, get it done kind of guy - he's also an author. For today and (and I believe tomorrow, Friday) you can download his latest ebook on Amazon for FREE.

You can download a Kindle version of Adjustable Soap Mold Plans now!

The plans are easy and straightforward. If you make soap you won't believe you didn't think of doing this yourself sooner. Boyd provides simple instructions and tips, like having the home improvement store make some of the cuts for you. He also provides approximate costs - which really shows how much money you can save by doing this easy project yourself.

But quick - this promotion is only going to be available for a couple days.

You can read more about Boyd on his website here.  He also has some other ebooks available including money making projects and his Dead at Last fiction series.

I got to know Boyd a while ago on a chicken forum that I ... ahem... no longer frequent.  What struck me most - aside from he and his wife really have had about a million kids come thru their lives - was that he is the real deal. Some folks talk about self-sufficiency... but Boyd really does it. He's smart and has good strategies with real world know-how.

He will never remember this but one of the first times Boyd and I chatted was over dogs. Someone on the forum had some ridiculous story about how their dog got loose and it ended up at a neighbors. When the guy went to get his dog back the neighbor said the guy had to pay him for the "vet visit." I'm not sure if the neighbor just decided to take the dog to the vet or what but it sounded a lot to me like that neighbor was holding that guy's dog hostage!

There are two kinds of people in this world - folks like me and Boyd who would have returned home with our dog WITHOUT paying that neighbor a cent.... and the rest of the folks who went home and asked strangers on the internet what to do about it. Suffice it to say Boyd and I had a really good laugh about what would happen if someone tried to get ahold of one of our dogs.  Just so's ya know, with my crew it would be "beware of the dog AND the owner."

Quick! If you make soap, are thinking about it, or know someone who does.. run right over and grab Adjustable Soap Mold Plans while it's free! Thanks, Boyd!

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