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Friday, September 6, 2013

Peach Tart!

We are down to the last of the peaches for the summer. So I made a tart. Technically this free form rustic tart is a galette... I just love them.

Peachy goodness

My go to pie dough is from Sunset magazine - for this one I used all butter. I like to use this little handy chopper to cut in the butter. Then while the dough is chillin' in the fridge, get your filling ready. You can make just about any kind of fruit galette - or a savory one like Smitten Kitchen has here (doesn't everyone love her?)

Easy peasy pie dough.

I'm pretty old school with my filling - I like to use tapioca instead of cornstarch or flour. Very little sugar, a splash of vanilla - just mix it up and you are set. Roll out the dough, mound up the filling, then fold up the dough around the filling. You can brush the crust with a little cream or beaten egg to make it fancy.

I think these tarts are just beautiful.

This tart baked in a 375* oven for about 45 minutes. It was so good that I'm going to make another one today... and yes, it's a breakfast food.

How's this for sunshine goodness?

Happy Friday everyone! I anyone else baking tarts?


David said...

Looks like an great Breakfast

Provender Place said...

Oh my sweet peachy goodness!

Unknown said...

I will have a peach glut in a few months and am drooling at this solution to the glut. Thanks so much!

buddeshepherd said...

Would a peach tart be a girl who rather freely dispenses her peaches?
I love peach pie. I is one of my favorite things on earth.
Hopefully you will bring several peach tarts with you when attend Lazy Farmer Film Festival, featuring "King Kong" and "Farm Safety Hints from International Harvester," shown on the side of the Great White Barn.

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