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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baking on a Snow Day

Yesterday was a baking day to combat the evil Snow of Doom. The dogs couldn't have been happier with The White Death out there making everyone miserable.... to combat the cold, I had a happy baking day.

Remember last year about this time I received The Best Gift Ever.... the awesome Dahlia Bakery Cookbook signed and sent by Chef Tom Douglas. I figured I should celebrate the (almost) anniversary of my Major Award by baking that terrific Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie. But alas, I had no rum... undeterred I still made the pie. Of course you can make it without the rum - it's still a fabulous apple pie.

The masterpiece before baking. And yes. It was delicious.

I really love this cookbook. The best thing that I learned about this pie is to bake it very slowly - this allows the filling to get extra delicious and the pie crust to become flaky and amazing. It also a great way to keep the house warm on a snow day.

Pretty sure you all know what I'm having for breakfast....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

1 comment:

buddeshepherd said...

I love pie, and fresh bread, and cinnamon roles and the left over crust from pie with sugar and cinnamon on it and a woodstove and I miss my grandma, waaaaaaaaa....
Now I am too depressed to go to work. I think I will have more coffee and watch Mr. Ed... I wonder if Mr. Ed is free on our Amazon Prime subscription.
Have you ever seen Mr. Ed in spanish?
It is all indecipherable until he says, "Wilbur..."

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