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Monday, November 18, 2013

Weathered the storm

We're back up! Wow what a line of storms! Is everyone OK?

We didn't have much a blow here but wow it was all around us. No damage but our internet was down. Trying to get caught up.

So for now... here is something truly amazing....

Doesn't everyone love Lil Bub? I'm a huge fan. Good job, Bub.

Happy Monday everyone - do you have any storm damage?


Faith said...

We're okay here in NE Ohio, at least where we are. Only 12 miles inland from Lake Erie, and sometimes she can be the buffer, and sometimes she makes it worse. This was a bad front, hope all is well with everyone in the affected areas.

The Paisley Butterfly said...

Fortunately, no damage or loss of electricity. But, boy was it a wicked storm! Saw a cop driving by our house (not really driving, he seemed to in mid prayer, barely inching forward as his car was pummeled with horizontal rain) to turn into the station next door. The sound was the worst. I couldn't help imagining roofs being peeled off buildings. Glad you fared so well!

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