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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Woodland Goats

I've been taking the goats deeper and deeper into the woods. There's not a lot to forage right now but the gals sure do love to free range.

Woodland goats.

I have to stand right with them because the woods are scary and goats are ridiculous. But once they figured out there are still some wild rose, blackberry, and other scratchy bramble available they really went to town. Then I could do some more clearing work while they roamed around.

Nibbles and Dahli

Of course the goats went directly to this little apple tree we rescued earlier in the spring. Shortly after this picture there was some "discipline" and Nibs and Dahli stopped eating the tree. Goats.

Trees every which way.

We ended up having more storm damage than we thought. This mishmash is actually a problem. Some of the big tree limbs knocked down our perimeter fence. I cleared a path to this rubble while the goats screwed around.

Darla is Debbie's Mini-Me.

Having fence down is pretty bad business.The other night Kai let me know there were coyotes close and then something big ran thru our woods, close enough to the house that I could hear it. So we need to get our first line of defense...which is the fence... up and running. We need chainsawing and soon.

Not goats but Zander and Kai looked so beautiful the other morning.

That's the update for now. We got some rain, mercifully, so today will be mostly inside. I kind of need to get caught up so I'm glad.

Happy Thursday everyone!


David said...

Something big - pawed or hoofed?

Vera said...

Aren't your goats good, - ours would have wandered of somewhere else! We also need some woodland cleared, but will tether our goats as we don't fancy chasing them for hours on end!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I dunno David, but it was big and i could hear it crunching thru the leaves. i was glad that i could trust Kai to stay with me - she didn't take off, thank heaven. i didnt have my #1 with me or i would have send him.

hi Vera! the goats are afraid of new things so they tend to stick close to me. i walk with determination and they figure i know what i'm doing - so they follow. and they know that if they dont start coming with me back up to the house that i'll.. you know this... get the dog! ;-) they will naturally run to the goat house because they think its safe - the dogs just get them running. Dog#1 knows to 'go around' and herd them and they are just scared to death of Kai ;-)

GoatManJoe said...

OFG, do you eat your male goats at the end of the year?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi GoatmanJoe! Nope we havent but that doesnt mean we wont. The thing is... around here we can sell the males as pets. They sell like hotcakes! So try as we might - we get more cash for selling them than for the food value. However, check out this post that I did about some secret goat butchers and how they discovered what the rest of the world know - goat meat is fabulous and the carcasses yield a goodly amount of meat:

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