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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Peepin' at the Post

The post office called me first thing this morning.....

Look who is here! New arrivals. Our winter meats showed up just in time. We are clearing out the turkey house and making space for these meat chickens which should be ready in January or so.

This little guy is so fresh he still has a bit of shell on his back. Now that's fast delivery.

Are we crazy to get winter meat chickens? Nope. We find it's easier to keep them warm in winter then to keep them cool in our scorching how summers. Plus... we are out of chicken. Aside from a few spring roosters and two more monstrous meats from this summer that need to be harvested -  we'd be looking at next June if we waited until spring to get chicks. I just can't wait that long for fried creepy meat.

We got them sips and settled. They all arrived vigorous and happy. Thanks Meyer Hatchery!

And now.... we have some turkeys that are just dyin' to come to supper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have to ask, how do you deal with the smell? We just butchered ours this past weekend. I have trouble tolerating the stench during normal conditions but, the minute the light comes on, the stink escalates ten fold! We never figured out a way to stay ahead of the stench!

Wildcard said...

Hi OFG. Do your creepy meats forage at all? How fast do they grow out? How long do you grow them for? Would you be willing to tell the Internet about how much they cost to raise? How many are you growing at once?

I'm also in Ohio and I'm wondering what the approximate costs are. I also want to know how much you are able to grow for them on the land you are on. I don't own chickens yet. I haven't eaten chicken in a long time - I just got some from Springhill Farm, but they are still in the freezer. My husband and I are thinking/starting the planning for chickens, but we aren't quite there yet. In the meantime, I've done research. That doesn't always compare to personal experiences from experienced chicken keepers!

I was just looking at Meyer online. I'm glad to hear you've had good experiences!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey CCW! we keep them in a well ventilated outbuilding with a yard. they actually do ok. as long as they are feathered out and its not wet or icy - they can be outside. they are basically sitting ducks tho so they need to be protected by predators. keep adding fresh bedding and then clean out their house from time to time.

hey Wildcard! yep the creepy meats do OK being outside... but they dont freerange like the Freedom Rangers (which are less creepy) or like "real" chickens. we like to have them out in a yard. we grow anywhere between 15 and 25 at a time. we like to do several batches - and not 100 at a time - works for us. other folks do a much better job at keeping track of costs. i'd probably throw out there $10 - $12 per bird? HOWEVER. we get much more food value than the whole birds from the store. we also use our own resources such as goat milk to keep the costs down. our "real" chickens do great on farm raised wheat and other crops. but with the meats we kind of need to keep them on a high protein diet. but again - the Freedom Rangers - can be more easily raised on pasture. but - you get more of the white breast meat from the Cornish X's and they grow out faster - so its potato patata... hum.. this sounds like it could be a post. if you have other questions you can sure send me an email at ohiofarmG NOTE ITS "G" AND NOT GIRL at g ma i l dotcom. or you can find me on the facebook:

you should totally go for it!!! a super easy thing to do is wait for TSC to get their chicks in march (april?) and get 10. thats an easy number, not a huge investment, and you'll see the benefits.

the one thing people wiggle around about is the first time they have to march out there and butcher. if you already have experience you are golden - just get 'er done. if not its great to have some help like if you know someone is a hunter or as done it before. mostly you just need confidence. and if you "chicken out" which is fine - be sure you check around to find somewhere to take them. but i just know you are going to be great!

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