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Monday, November 4, 2013

The letter "E" due to the time change

Today is brought to you by the letter "E" for "exhaustion" due to the stupid daylight savings time change. Just so's ya know... no one tells livestock or cats about the time change.

 What a non-work day looks like. Gloves, boots, and dogs all in a heap.

All that "get an extra hour of sleep" is a load of bunk. The cats started circling at their normal time and didn't know what my problem was - Itty Bity was particularly determined to get me up yesterday. Today Little Mo was on early patrol.

I am glad that it's light in the morning. But I about cried when it was pitch dark at 6pm last nite. The Big Dark is looming.

Today is about stumbling around in a stupor and if i drink enough coffee and do enough jumping jacks to shake off this brain fog, I'm going to be shoveling out the chicken house. Nothing but the glamorous life here, folks.

Happy Monday! Are you recovered from the time change?


Lynda said...

It takes me at least 3 weeks to shake the time change fog! I hate it!

Unknown said...

It takes me a couple of days to get used to the early dark, but hey, it's almost winter!

ann from KY said...

We're dying here in KY from the time change and a horrible heavy cold. 2 of the kids have had the bad cold and were down for about a week. Now I have it and it isn't good. I finally after 5 days was able to go to the barn to milk tonight. One of the kids came to help me. They have been doing all the barn chores while I have been down. Food choices have been poor! Tonight I was able to make up some "Hamburger Helper" and there isn't a drop of it left! The worse was I kept looking at the clock and telling myself to get outside before it was dark. Yuch.

Vera said...

Here in SW France our clocks changed a week ago, and we are just about adjusted to it!

RebeccaH said...

As for me and my house cats and all, have not noticed a thing, we get up when ready and go to bed when ready too. We have no set schedules to follow either mostly. Hope you can adapt coffee less and not rely on a drug to alter to adjustedness. huggs

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Lynda.. i'm not sure i'm caught up yet. ugh!

hey LHinB!! yay. winter. super. ;-)

hi Ann! oh no! i'm so sorry that you are all poorly. hope that you perk up soon. when momma is down its tough on everyone. *hugs*

Vera - we all need to agree to just get rid of this silly time change stuff. ugh!

hi Rebecca! our house cats are mostly insane... the bopping on the nose to wake me up starts early.... and then they sleep all day. cats... sheesh! *hugs back!*

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