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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Peep Pops a Toe and Other Events From Yesterday

All of the events of yesterday could not possibly be adequately described in short post or a status update on 'the facebook.' So here is what happened.

Our Peep. Pre-popped toe.

1. You can't imagine how thrilled I was to finally get our local NBC channel back after it's summer hiatus when we don't get that channel. Eagerly I tuned in to watch what was happening in pop culture. However, I was deeply troubled emotionally by an all night dream where me and Kenye West, and the girl with the big bottom were friends. It was horrible. They are not quality people. See if I ever watch Entertainment Tonight ever again. Thanks, Mario Lopez, but you gave me nightmares.

2. Our part of Ohio was rocked by EARTHQUAKE CRISIS 2013. West Coast friends, try not to die laughing at our 3.5 window rattler. Honestly I was in town so I didn't notice anything. Everyone is all agog at the event tho. Despite this shocking shock we will soldier on. We will rebuild. Maybe I'll get some wrist bands made or something.

3. In the most unbelievable event of the day, our cat Peep popped a toe. That is, she dislocated her toe. Can you believe it? Yep. It happens. We think she got her claw caught in the carpet when she was fighting our basement kitty, Gato Diablo, under the door. When she tried to get away she wrenched her toe clear out of joint.

It took both of us to get her out from under the bed and shoved in a carrier.  We grabbed the emergency direct phone line to the vet, alerted them we were coming in hard and fast, and tore out of here like greased lightening.

Did you ever notice what jerks people are when they race around you and drive too fast - but if YOU have the "hey-get-outta-my-ways" then you expect them to just be understanding and move over? Yeah that. Lets just say we got there fast. Real fast.

Poor Peep. She's an especially tender victual anyway seeing that she is our bottle raised singleton.... but add that to her naturally occurring calico 'torti-tude"... and she is a handful. And she really hates the vet. I was basically laying on her while she was on the exam table, holding her so she would only bite me, when the vet popped her toe back in place. Good thing I was leaning on the table so heavily or my knees might have gone out from under me. I very nearly passed out.

Aside from the sore toe Peep got an A+ from the vet. She got a shot of this and some drops of that to keep her comfortable. Of course I didn't get anything. You'd think they'd at least serve shots of tequila.

At this writing (Wednesday night) our Peep is in a drug induced slumber on my husband's chest downstairs away from the rest of The Insane Cat Posse. She blames me entirely for the mild earth shaking, losing a fight to a basement kitty, being shoved in the dreaded cat carrier, going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and having some strange crazy woman yanking on her hurt toe. Occasionally Peep wakes up and give my husband big, sad eyes and asks him why I'm so mean.


As for me I'm going to take Peep another can of food and feed it to her with a spoon.

Happy Thursday everyone. How was your day?


Wildcard said...

I think I felt the quake. I was napping with the kids and I woke up because everything got so still... Other than that, things were fine. No aftermath from the quake ;-)

Carolyn said...

I expect nothing less than total cat pampering from you....as I would have done the same thing for our kitties. Glad Peep is doing better. Although, how did you know she popped a toe out of joint? Did it, like, dangle there or something? I don't know if I'd would notice an elongated toe on one of my cats.

Heavens Door Acres said...

Awww, poor Peep! First her world is shaken, then the carpet attacks her, she is shoved in a carry cave and taken through the fast ride of life to the meanest person in the world who likes to torture poor kittie toes...Wow...I think she needs to be fed little canned fishies on her tall velvet pillow, way up above her minions. :)
Glad she will be OK tho....a popped toe...wow.

buddeshepherd said...

Don't tell anyone but I'm setting in the rocker by the fire.
Well it is down to a shivery 38 degrees F and the wind is blowing and for some reason the fire won't burn and so I do need to keep the house warm for my family. Honestly, someone's core body temperature could drop if the house gets down to 68 degrees. Why that is cold enough to make Jimmy Carter put on a sweater!
So, it is for the family good that I sit by the fire. I am sacrificing my own immense productivity for the comfort of my wife and daughter.
A humanitarian am I!

David said...

eesh drama! glad the kitty is OK now. Don't. watch. network. TV. save yourself!

MT Dreamer said...

Such an atrocity! No tequila shots for the suffering human! =)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

The only indication we got, Wildcard, was that our dog Kai was REALLY "talk-y" when we got home. She was trying to tell us all about it.

Carolyn, we heard some weirder than normal noises, then Peep came up and held her paw up to my husband. Also her toe was at a very odd angle... when we examined her we could tell it was just wrong. :-(

HDA, yes Peep thinks I'm just terrible. She's a daddy's girl for sure.

Enjoy that fire, Budd! Glad you're on the job. ;-)

Dave, I couldnt make this stuff up if I tried....

MT, someone would make millions off a vet/cocktail bar... for sure....

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