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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Super Sandwich.... the Monte Cristo!

I don't know how I lived my whole life without trying a Monte Cristo sandwich. Maybe I thought it was too weird... but it's not, friends. It's amazing.

Look at it. Just LOOK at that sandwich!

My problem with french toast is that it doesn't have enough protein in it. But this... this sandwich solves that problem. Sure you'll still have a sugar high but it's worth it.

I love the Brown Eyed Baker so you can check out her recipe and method here.

As for me it's just a matter of making the custard and keeping the ham and cheese sandwich together until you get it into the fry pan. Some purists believe this has to be served with preserves but are you kidding me? With all this fabulous maple syrup we've been cooking down? Salty from the ham, sweet from the syrup, and fabulous from the custard. This is a taste sensation.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Have you waited too long to try a Monte Cristo? You've got to give it a go. Really. You'll be surprised.


Lynda said...

My favorite Sammy of all time! I enjoy mine at a tiny old time diner/café in Sacramento...yummy!

David said...

home grown ham and goat cheese? that would be awesome

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