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Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's getting hot in here...

Yesterday we had a beautiful blue sky day - it was perfect to get some seedling started in the greenhouse.
Yikes - um... gettin' a little hot in here...

But boy was I surprised when it got to almost 90* in there!

Fortunately I had thought about this and implemented Project Ventilation. If I had done much better planning I would have constructed a window in the closed end - but remember that I'm not intending to keep the plastic on for the whole summer. I'll be using the hoop as a trellis after this summer really gets growing.

Quick and easy ventilation system.

So these binder clips were a fast and easy solution. I just untucked the plastic from the closed end and clipped the plastic about a third of the way down.

I also took down the plastic on the door leaving just the screen in place. I need to find a better solution for this - for instance I think I need to get some hooks so that I can open and close the plastic on the door more easily. The screen door is necessary to keep the chickens out. And other birds looking for a quick snack.

The screen door keeps over-interested chickens out.

When it started to cool down I just put the plastic back up - easy peasy!

Today I'll be potting up more seeds and hopefully will get some potatoes planted. We are headed for 75* and super sunny - good thing I have a way to keep the greenhouse from over heating.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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