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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nibbles had her babies!

Yeah, so remember yesterday I said that there was no way Nibs would have her babies that day? She's always trying to make a liar out of me. Check out these little cuties!

These could be the best litter yet. This little splashy gal arrived first. Just LOOK at her coloring! For no good reason we are calling her, Snickerdoodle.

Totable little goat! Totes adorbs.

This is the first time Nibs has had all long-eared babies. We were pretty surprised. The baby daddy is a flashy show buck - entirely Nigerian. We normally only have one long eared baby but this was a surprise. Goats with ears? Who knew!?!

Then this big girl arrived - she as a big bundle. In honor of that crazy bloodmoon/eclipse we had the other night we are calling her Moonpie. She has one partial moonspot on her side. Her main buff color is a new one for us. Isn't she a dream?

Moon mark on Moonpie

Nibbles is fine and is actually taking care of them so she gets an A+. I'm afraid it won't last, tho, so we are keeping an eye on them. But for now they are adorable and very funny.

And would you look at those ears!

The star of the day, tho, was my Dog#1. After all the hullabaloo of the babies arrival I let the dogs smell my hands. Kai and Zander thought they smelled delicious but my #1 was immediately on the job. A little later I asked him, "Where's the babies?" and he trotted right over to where Nibbles and the babies were - and he was eager to start guarding them. So he'll be helping me when we transition the babies to bottles. Good dog!

In the meantime the air is filled with the tiny little squeaky toy noises of little baby goats!

Happy Thursday everyone! Would you just look at these little cutie pies!


Carolyn said...

Congrats to you and Nibs! I LOVE the names. We were going to do "Candy" names this year, but husband nixed that idea. Party pooper.

David said...

I am not normally reduced to mushiness but golly, that Snickerdoodles is the dang cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

Anton said...


Unknown said...

Congrats! How cute!!! Could you take a short video of them and post it here?

jhausmann100 said...

They are little cuties...Glad they are doing so well.

Kelsie said...

My boyfriend looked at the photo of Snickerdoodle (because I was having a total meltdown) and declared, "That's a very rustic color scheme."

So...there you go. Straight from the mouth of...a very strange man.

Diana said...

Eeeee so adorable! I think Snickerdoodle is the perfect name.... she reminds me of a snicker's bar. :)

Unknown said...

They are too adorable. Congratulations! Will you be keeping them or selling them?

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