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Monday, April 7, 2014

Free Meat!

Look what we found.....

Creepy meat eggs.

Some of the meat chickens are laying! I always think this is hilarious but this time they seem to be consistently producing about an egg a day. That's one egg total for all of the meat hens. Not great production numbers but still - better than nothing.

I'm taking up these eggs and we'll see if we can get them to hatch in the incubator. I have no idea if they are viable or not - but might as well try. What's better than free meat, right?

Nice and plump.

Our fatty creepy meats are really... fat.  They are like little bowling balls. This is the group from last fall. They are overdue for being butchered but it's been so darn cold that we haven't been able to do it. We can't believe they have done so well in this bitter winter. We think we only lost one - and that was due to a creepy meat heart attack. I think we lost one of the chicks and that is about it. Wow!

Yesterday was a big harvest day. We set the meat roosters directly to the freezer. Hopefully in the next couple weekends we'll get the rest of the meats sent to their glory.

Happy Monday everyone! Do you have any free meat?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Somebody gave us a pair of those several years ago, I don't think the rooster could mount the hen or even know that it should. I never saw the hen lay any eggs and they both eventually died.

Lynda said...

Wow! That's the first time I have ever seen eggs from meat birds...amazing! I raise about 30 a year for the freezer, I must not let them get old enough.

Anton said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one this happened to! Last year I had a bunch of these chickens and was very surprised to find an egg one day. I looked at the calendar and realized just how late I was in having them processed and called to make the appointment that day.

Ann from KY said...

I am so surprised you got eggs from the creepy meat chickens! I always heard they will die on you if you don't get them butchered before 14 weeks. Evidently not!

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