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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This has to be the end of winter. Last snow. It has to be.

Last Sunday when it was sunny and 80* and I just could not make myself believe that it was going to snow again. It did. This is my official record keeping note that yesterday's snow was the last. Stick a fork in it, this winter has to be done. It snowed really hard yesterday morning.

 Sunday was glorious.

But we are just getting some blooms!  My orchard friends are not expecting peaches this year. "Maybe a few."  He said. But nothing like the basket busting crop last year. They tell me that they get a really good crop every 2 or 3 years. Drat.

And then this happened...

The pears seem to be doing OK but we haven't seen any other blossoms yet. By this time last year we had apple and peach blossoms - and we had a lost hard frost also, on the 21st. This morning it was 21* when I took the dogs out.

I know that city folks and our friends in more temperate regions are probably tired of hearing about all this weather. But it's really been a looloo. I can't get anything planted yet and can only do so much work outside. This, of course, pushes back any harvest. So it's all very frustrating.

But keeping these notes makes it easier for future planning.  I like being able to see where our progress is in relation to previous years. And it helps me figure out what I should be working on next. 

In other news.... Nibbles should be ready to have her babies soon. Probably not today but soon. Maybe tomorrow? I checked this morning and she looks irritated but not ready to burst. One thing that I'm glad about is that we waited so late to breed the goats. This cold winter has made a difficult kidding season for many folks.

Today we'll have more sunshine and blue sky. And hopefully we will get to our normal temperature soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Fresh Eggs Farm said...

Yes, we've had issues with birthing. So have a few other farmers I've talked to. Lots of loss. Our trees are just starting to barely bud. I'm hoping that the cold winter delayed them enough that they weren't really awake yet for these past two days to affect anything (a girl can hope right?). I'm going to try to get some outside planting done tomorrow...It's supposed to warm up a touch.

David said...

I hear ya... it's been a lulu

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