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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sorting out my strawberries...

Nothing but work work work here. We haven't had the best weather but yesterday was great "working" day - not too hot and a few passing showers. We are still drying out from all the rain but I managed to get a little work done.

We already have strawberry blossoms!

The other day I started sorting out my strawberries. The patch was a mess - last year was bad enough and it's worse now. Last spring when the berries were ripe I had to crawl around in tick infested tall grass to find all that red gold.. That's not going to happen this year. Plus I wanted to capitalize on the "daughter" plants and really expand the strawberry field.

Tick infested weed field.

The rows will allow me to more effectively weed the bed and also help me to continue my efforts to improve the soil. So having nice neat rows will help me stack up the compost and straw between the rows.

I've also heard that beans are a great companion plant for strawberries. So later in the fall when I mow down the strawberry plants I can put in a few rows of green beans.

Much better. Mulch is on the way.

The bed was such a mess that some of the local rabbits took up residence..... but with The Dog Horde helping me... well. It's rabbit free now. Ewwwee..  However Zander and Kai both agree that helping me move around strawberry plants is extremely boring.

As the soil continues to dry out today I'll have putting more and more plants into the garden and out of the stuffed and stacked greenhouse. This greenhouse project has really been terrific. Now I just need either a bigger green house... or another one.

Happy Sunday everyone! How is your strawberry concern going?

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