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Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Things About Spring

Spring is not may favorite season but I just love it. However, there are three things about spring that never cease to amaze me....

This is not going to be a great blueberry year. But the blooms are beautiful.

1. The insane weather. The other night we actually had to turn on the air conditioning for the house because it was too hot.... today I'm walking around in heavy sweats looking for my hat.

2. When it rains it pours. We've had some soggy springs and there is always the worry that we can't get the planting done. Right now we are waiting out the last frost date - I think we are in the clear but anything could happen. I could really use several dry days to I can move some of the seedlings out of my bulging greenhouse and into the garden. I'm so thrilled with my greenhouse - it's absolutely packed and I spent yesterday picking out tiny sprouts and transferring them to bigger containers.

Who doesn't love to see seeds sprout?

Of course, now I need a bigger greenhouse and I'm scrambling to whack together some shelves to hold everything. I'm also really glad that I got so much tilling done to get the garden beds ready - just need the right conditions for planting.I also really need to get the turkey house shoveled out but it's hard to haul all the barn litter thru all the standing water. The ducks are happy tho.

3. Every little victory feels terrific. . Everything is greening up and I actually had to do some mowing. The goats have a new grazing yard and now all I have to do is convince them that they don't have to wait for me to walk themselves down there.  The onion sets I put out are doing pretty well and here's hoping that the peas, beets, radishes, and kale didn't get washed away.

And this weekend - or early next week - we may have some new additions.... I can't wait and I'm dreaming of pork chops.

Happy Friday everyone!

1 comment:

David said...

yay bacon seeds!

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