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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Three Little Pigz

It has begun. They are here.

The incursion has begun. We plan for battle at the first snowfall.

Yesterday we drove several towns over and picked up a load of porkers. We raced home and threw the pigz in the lower goat yard, much to the horror of the goats. At first the three little pigz laid there in a heap. Then they began to mill around doing pig stuff.

The pigz loved the mud. 

The dogs were amazed.

Nibbles was not. 

The face of pure evil.

I believe these pigz are plotting my doom. But I shall have the last laugh. We are naming them "This one," "That one," and "Soon."  Two of them will live a delightful life in our back woods until early winter... but Soon will be coming to dinner...er... soon. He'll be lucky if he makes it to mid summer. All I can do is dream of chops.

That's all I can say about it for now. Today promises to be the hottest day for a while and I need to get right out there before it gets too hot to work.  More tomorrow including the complete details of Pig Installation 2014.

...Altho I will say that, in a fit of hilarious irony, we found a terrific BBQ joint on our way to get our pigz. SE Ohio folks, if you are not already a fan then you should run and now walk to 7 Miles Smokehouse. They have an absolutely abysmal online presence but I assure you their brisket cannot be beat. If you can find them, be sure to order up a big plate of meat. It's not a swanky place and I'm pretty sure they are a mostly catering operation. Looks like they are expanding tho. Grab a table if you can, get it to go if you can't.

Happy Thursday everyone! Have you installed your bacon?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Our big boy Wilbur, "planted bacon seeds" on Valentines day. Now if the seeds are "fertile" We should have "seeds to grow" by Just 9th. Crossing fingers and toes...hoping for our own little bacon seedlings.

Vintage Maison said...

I would LOVE to raise pigs again, but the bl**dy French govt have too many rules and regs for little people like us - they are only interested in big business/large agro farms for taxes. Good luck with the piggies!

Mollie | Jennings Brae Bank Farm said...

Congrats on finding healthy pigs this year! That's quite the accomplishment in and of itself!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

HDA, June will be here soon!

Vintage - this is so interesting to me. sometimes we here in the State hold up the european way of things... but then i read of the restrictions and it just makes me wonder what on earth we are doing.

thanks Mollie! always great to see you and yep - we totally lucked out.

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