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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dahli Babies!

The words,"DAHLI! Those aren't your babies!" Will probably live in infamy around here for a while.

Oh Dahli..... what a goof.

So there I was, yesterday, walking along. It was hot. Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take that kind of hot. But I was out there working in it all day. By the goat house. From time to time I'd walk by to see if poor Debbie was in active labor yet. Nope. Nothing.

On one of my passes I saw little ones trying to nurse on Dahli and I thought, "That's cute... Daisy's babies couldn't resist Grandma Dahli's big ol' udder.... That Dahli tho, what a goof."  And then I yelled over my shoulder, "DAHLI! Those aren't your babies!"

And I just kept walking.

But then I turned around and ran back. Fast. I did a head count of little goatlings.... Then I did a butt count of little goatlings and I kept getting the same answer: Six. SIX!?!

Ohmigosh, Dahi - those ARE your babies!

So Sneaky Pete Dahli pulls off surprise babies - again.

Signs of impending labor = zero
Peeps heard = zero
Not having a front row seat = priceless

However I think this makes me The Worst Goatherd EVER.  Sheesh!

Dahli Baby #1

Believe me I was very surprised. I carried the new babies - who, I might say in my defense look just like Daisy's babies - and drug Dahli over to the Turkey House. Once again...the unused luxury birthing suite.

Dahli Baby #2

Dahli immediately shoved her face in the feeder and acted like nothing happened. The babies are huge. One boy, one girl.... and seriously they are huge!

I stood agog and, as it often happens, Dahli looked at my blankly.

Just so's ya know... new babies sleep like this. But look at Dahli's huge udder! Whoot!

So there you have it.

Seriously. How much bigger could it get?

Meanwhile, Debbie's big ol' udder just keeps getting bigger. Come on, Deb, we're all waiting for you....

Happy Thursday everyone! Do you have a sneaky goat?


Anonymous said...

You know Dahli just hides from you to save you the stress. Have you ever thought about putting your stories to cartoons? You definitely have some interesting things happen to you. Find you an animator, and submit it to country mags. I'm sure they would be hilarious.

Horst in Edmonton said...

I do love baby goats, they are so cute. I have never seen goats without ears before, I am amazed they are born that way. Your little ones are wonderful to see. Thanks for posting.

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