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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Begining of storm season.

Our severe weather and storm season started with a bang last nite. A bright flash of lightning and a loud thunderclap..... followed by so many dogs coming into the bedroom.  And so it starts.

Number of dogs freaked out by the storm: 4
Number of cats displaced by dogs freaked out by the storm: 2... well... 3... at least.
Number of cute dog faces looking at me on the edge of the bed: Many.
Number of stinks given off by freaked out dogs: So.... sooo many...
Number of husbands who slept thru the whole thing: 1

 The Dread Commander Zander. Where he is supposed to sleep...

I got all the dogs settled down the storm passed...and then the dogs got the wiggles so I gave them the boot and sent them back to their normal places... until the storm started up again about an hour later. Then they all came back.


There has got to be a German word for being cranky as the result of being kept awake by thunderstorms and their effects... Someone told me it was Nichtschlafenwegendonnarbitchikeit. If that is a thing then I have it. In spades. I need a lot of coffee today.

...unless The Black Death needs his mommy. Then he comes and finds me.

Happy Thursday everyone! It seems like we might be late to the severe weather game this year. Are you ready for whatever blows your way? Do your dogs get nervous in storms?


Unknown said...

We can have really severe thunderstorms here, and I had 1 dog who would hide in the tub during them. I found out about thundershirts later, but they didn't exist then. I'd have bought one! Poor thing would just shake and drool...

MT Dreamer said...

The first rumble of thunder and our dog comes running for protection. It's kind of funny to think that any other time our big dog is our protector and is all tough! We lose sleep with just one. Can't imagine having 4 of them running for protection and then trying to sleep! Hope the coffee helped!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Nancy, we've tried Thundershirts but they didn't really work out for us. Mostly I think the dogs just use it as an excuse to sleep with us!

MTD - it's a lot of dogs...and a lot of dog toots! I had more coffee and it was wonderful. :-)

David said...


Ohiofarmgirl said...

it just started snowing here. i might start screaming and not stop.

Moon-Shadows said...

After the first thunder boom the other night both cockerspaniels and the cat disappeared. I went to search for them a while later, found them in the garden bath tub as i flipped on the light, they looked up at me like oh gee glad your here too!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

In the tub? ha!

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