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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It worked!

Remember when I planted my fall cover crops - entirely too late? Well, it worked! This is a little over a month's worth of growth.


I can't tell if it is due to the winter hardiness of the seeds or if we've just had  nice mild weater but wow I've got sprouts!

The mix contained buckwheat, Autrian winter pea, hairy vetch, and daikon radish. I think most of these have come up. If I'm lucky enough to have them grow a little more I can let the geese in to graze these sections. They still have plenty to eat but this would be a nice forage for them.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are your winter cover crops covering?

ps. Thanks to everyone for your purchases from my Cyber Monday 20 for $20 list! I really appreciate it!


Vera said...

We have winter crops here....yes! we do!!! Except that the seeds are still in the packets we bought them in so are not in the ground sprouting! Ah well, bless you, because you have reminded me that this is something we should be doing, and we are not too late because the ground has been very dry due to a long spell of dry, warm and sunny weather, but we have just had a drop of rain, so will get out and get those seeds randomly scattered in the hopes that some might grow. Thanks for reminding us!

Unknown said...

I put mustard and mung beans on one garden bed that I knew I wasn't going to get to over summer. We've had a bit of rain, so its doing well. I plan to either feed it to the chickens or dig it in before it goes to seed. Pete is keen to make mustard (keen as mustard? Is that an aussie saying? I think Keens is the brand name). Anyway this is the first time I've tried cover crops and its going rather well so far...

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