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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chicken Fat Saturday

Normal people have Chicken Fat Saturday, right? You know - everyone gathers 'round the big ol' bubbling pot of rendering chicken fat and gives a big 'huzzah!' for the world's best cooking fat. That's a thing right? #ChickenFatSaturday? I know I've seen it....

Look at it! Schmaltz -yeah!

Need to get a few things in my notes today. First we butchered a bunch of the meats. Thank heavens our garage is now (mostly) chicken free! And that last meat roo who's been out there screaming his head off? Yeah well... guess who's head is actually off? Not so funny anymore is it?

There has been much rejoicing in the soon-to-be quiet land.

As we were working I got a pretty good laugh watching my lovely laying ladies out there trying to kill each other over some miscellaneous meat pieces-or-part.... thinking how some folks think "vegetarian chickens" should be a thing.

Those normally softly clucking hens are just really tiny cannibals waiting for an odd part of former comrade to be flung their way. Chickens are gross. If they ever actually got me on the ground I'd be done for.

To find out more about weird stuff we find on butcher day - or better yet how to render chicken fat you can read this link. Just don't walk away from the stove because you might burn down your house. Or the cats might try and get up on the counter and eat your livers while you are yucking it up on 'the facebook' with your pals. Ask me how I know this....

Also, it's sunny and 50* today. Go home, winter, you're seriously drunk.

Bitty in the box.

And.... looks like we have another box that we cannot possible throw away. Bitty thinks it's her spaceship and so we are now stuck with another cat trap that will remain in the living room until the end of time. Cats. *sigh*

Looks like the chicken fat has all rendered and now the only thing to do is chase the cats off counters, fry up the chicken livers, make the bourbon-soaked pate, and then shovel out the garage.

A good farm day if I don't say so myself.

Happy Chicken Fat Saturday everyone!

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jules said...

Question on your chicken fat: Can you put up chicken fat? We have rabbits, and after processing, we have lots of yummy rabbit fat we render. I want to be able to preserve it somehow so it doesn't go bad on the counter (we live in the muggy, humid South). Can you can fat? Thanks!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Jules!! yay for you! we always just put it in tubs and put it in the freezer. some people just keep lard in a dark place and well sealed but that freaks me out. even in the fridge the lard/chicken at will eventually go bad. but for weeks and weeks. i have never canned lard.

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