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Monday, January 4, 2016

Organic Refrigeration

One of the reasons we like to butcher when it's cold is that we can use our Organic Refrigeration....

We are gonna start selling organic refrigeration and make millions.Yes, we think we are hilarious.

Yep. We just put all that meat out on the deck. We filled up the beer fridge and we can't get anything else into our kitchen fridge...but still had tons of meat left.  So we put it in tubs and set it out on the deck.

Zander thought all the meat was amazing... he drooled all day.

Setting food outside is tricky business. I obsessively checked the internal meat temperature all day yesterday. It hovered just above 32* even tho the air temperature dipped into the 20*'s the meat did not freeze at all. But having the meat that cold made it easy to part up. I used those food grade five gallon buckets to hold the good bones, fat, and meat to grind later. Worked perfectly.

I have a lot more work to do today - and then grinding day will be tomorrow.  I'll get into the details when I get a second to sit down. But wow! What a hog harvest!

Happy Monday everyone! Are you driving your dogs nuts by having all that meat just sitting out there on the deck where they can see it? So close and yet so far?


Unknown said...

Ha, I think that your term organic refrigeration is hilarious too!

Onevikinggirl said...

A bucket on the belly (and a hole in the head?) was just what those piggies needed to keep them from running off again.

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