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Monday, March 28, 2016

First planting of potatoes

It sure felt like spring there for a couple days.... we had some terrific weather over the weekend. It was almost like summer. I got some potatoes planted.

So I remember where they are.... just a couple small rows. It's a good start.

There is a rule of thumb around here that you can plant potatoes on the 90th day of the year. I might have rushed a little but I don't think we'll get another huge snow. In fact, I think the ground is warming up nicely.

Almost free potatoes.

This basket of potatoes was from the auction last summer. I figured they were ready to get growing. Can you plant spuds that are sprouting? Yep! But if you are planting this early be sure to mulch them deeply with fresh straw.

The garlic is coming up!

Last year I didn't get the first sprouted potatoes planted until the end-ish of April. When I was at the feed store this weekend I also got some onion starts and bulbs. I didn't get any in the ground but I started several pots of lettuce, peas, and then I popped a few of the onion sprouts into them as well. I can't wait for fresh food. I didn't get fresh salad until the end of May last year - this year I hope to have it a little sooner.

The peach trees are blooming.....

...and so are the pears. 

Really hoping for fruit this year. It's so odd to me that Ohio's fruit is so hit and miss. Our orchard friends only have peaches one out of every three years. Of course they always have apples. Hopefully.

Me, I just have my eye on lettuce and potatoes for now. This weekend we had to buy celery... I have to tell you, I was not happy about buying produce that we eat without cooking. There always seems to be something goofy going on. I'll feel much better when we can just go out to the yard to get our salad.

Happy Monday everyone - are you getting their first of the potatoes in the ground?


David said...

YAY! I hear you on the going out to the garden for a salad.... I think we're still a few weeks behind you - apple tress no where near blooming.

Vera said...

Just started ploughing up one of the veg plots to get potatoes in. Once harvested they will go straight into canning jars...I know that you will agree with me that potatoes stored in this way are delicious, and makes getting a meal on to the table so fast!

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