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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Making scones for marmalade!

I'm very very lucky to have such a good friend. She just got back from an extended vacation and brought me an adorable little jar of sunny marmalade. So of course I had to make scones so I could enjoy it!

What could be better!?!

Do you know you can make scones in about 30 minutes? It's so easy peasy that you can make them for breakfast just about any old time. Here is the basic recipe that I use.  You can fold in any kind of fruit... or just have them plain.

Sift together your flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. You don't need a fancy sifter - just use one of those little kitchen sieves.

Cut in the butter - yes, I made the butter. I like to use my little handy chopper to combine the butter and flour. I don't have a full sized food processor but I love this little one.

Next, make a little volcano with the beaten eggs and cream. I use a pastry blade and a fork to combine the dry into the wet ingredients. You really don't want to handle the dough very much - you just want it to come together. Then form the dough into a loaf and then cut the scones.

Fortunately for me I had a lot of help while I was making these scones. Thanks, Nicholas. 

I used a biscuit cutter for these scones instead of making them in traditional triangle shapes. Why? Because my pal A has been talking about strawberry shortcake for dinner! I figured after I finished the marmalade I could use the scones for shortcake. I did. Awesome!

Why was the dough so yellow? Fresh spring eggs, baby! Yeah! And also because I made the butter and it was really a beautiful color.

Finally just brush with cream/egg wash and bake them at 400* for about 20 minutes.

Would you just look at how beautifully they turned out!

Thank you so much, you-know-who-you-are!!!  I'm so glad you are back! And thanks for the jar of sunshine!

Happy Wednesday everyone - are you baking for the spring season?


David said...

i could use one or three of those with my coffee this morning!

Vera said...

Lovely looking scones, and an interesting way of making them as well because I just throw all the ingredients into my food mixer and blob in enough milk to mix!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

I use a bisuit cutter too, and great with lemon curd!

collieguy said...

That jar is perfect! Kind of fruit shaped. And you just have to eat some so it won't be top heavy and roll off a shelf or something.

Started my day with whole grain sourdough pancakes with wild blueberries in the batter. All liquid is in the starter and whey saved from Mary making yogo cheese. Deelisheriferous.

Food porn best thing on the internets.

Onevikinggirl said...

Personally I am glad to run into Nicholas the big charner when I for the first time in months venture out into the blogg world. He truly is a darling!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay! hi OneVG! Nicholas sends you kisses and his very best regards!

Onevikinggirl said...

Yay! Hugs and kisses back!

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