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Monday, March 7, 2016

Windows are open and it's feeling like spring!

I have to remember that even tho today is going to be 60*-ish and sunny-ish.... that we normally get a snow around the end of March. But we did have that one year when we started working early in March and just didn't stop.

The only drops of snow that I'm happy to see. 

I'm a little nervous that we won't get any fruit this year either - this mild winter has really thrown everything for a loop.

The peach buds are starting to open. Too soon!

Today is a great day to get outside and fix up the hoop house. It was about this time of year that I originally started working on it. Aside from me buying the cheap plastic this project has been a complete success. You can read about how to starting with Step One here. Step Two here. Step Three here. And finally Step Four here...but um... get the good plastic.

I'm heading out.. but first.....

Random pic of Lucky and Ti when they were younger. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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TwoBlueJays said...

I am also worried about early spring. It never bodes well for fruit trees. They inevitably fall to a late hard frost right when they are at their most flowery. Gah.

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