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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Resting Bob Face

Our Bobbi Barncat is rarely still enough to get a good picture of her.... but here she is....

Master of the Angry Face

Our Bobbi perpetually looks angry but she really isn't. Much of the time she is being funny but she has that resting angry face.

Bobbi is Shine and Peep's sibling from the same litter. Peep, of course, lives in the house and is our calico terror. Shine is our King of Barncats and a hero among men. We don't talk about Bobbi much because she is so elusive but she has never missed a meal and always comes home.

She will come when The Big Man calls her but we've only ever been able to give a slight brush when she isn't paying attention. We've never been able to snuggle her. The running joke is that she is aloof around us but probably has another home and family where she stays  during the day and is the most lovable cat ever. In truth she just hangs out in the tall grass until my husband comes home.

Shine, Bobbi, and Peep will be ten years old this spring. That is a good long run for outside cats and about the halfway point for Peep as an indoor cat. None of them show any signs of slowing down.

Happy Saturday everyone! Do you snuggle your barncats? Or do they give you angry looks?


collieguy said...

All barn cats here appreciate some degree of cuddling. They hang in the porch, or the garden shed. Cat herd down to lowest numbers in years as barn cat half life has been altered by coyote predation and stupid road trappers. We used to have a fairly steady supply of abandoned cats showing up, but for the last few years one of them, Scooter the Manx, has been deterring new recruits by running them off. Rule here is any wandering cat that shows up and allows itself to be petted gets food and full vet care.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

*us running after Bobbi... 'why wont you let me love you!'* ha! and yep we give everyone a home *points to The Insane Cat Posse*. Bobbi is the only one that we cant handle. we had to trap her one time for vet care. we all nearly had a break down but she was fine. just mad. she gave us the grump face. once you get a healthy colony established they tend to keep the wanderers away. it's interesting to watch.

Kate said...

Emma never misses an opportunity to cuddle.
Anya only lets you touch her if it's an accident on the way to putting out her food.

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