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Friday, July 3, 2015

Your 4th of July PSA.....

We had a particularly hard day yesterday so I've got nothing to add to my yearly 4th of July Public Service announcement. You can read it here. And no, no one likes your stupid fireworks. 

 Unlike the stupid fireworks and bottle rockets, I never get tired of gathering eggs in my shirt.

It it insane to me that there we need warning labels on a hammer to advise you not to hit yourself in the head with it... but folks are perfectly willing to let a 3 year old hold a 1200* sparkler. You can't ride a bike without a helmet but explosives in your yard? Sure, what not.

It's not just curmudgeony old folks like me who don't like fireworks.... I know at least one combat veteran who is about to have a very very hard day and night. So look around and think about the folks around you before you grab the lighter and run right out there. Or better yet, just enjoy one of the professional displays in a nearby community.

Or even better yet, stay home and repent for annoying your neighbors with your stupid fireworks. It will be a hard hard day if this is the year the stupid neighbors burn down our chicken house with their stupid fireworks.

That's all I have to say about it.

*OFG grumbles some more about stupid fireworks and goes outside to check all the gates and fences*


Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Every year I feel like we are under attack. Our dogs try to hide and cats freak out all because the people next door have to blow up stuff in their backyard. This year we are very dry here in Oregon. All it's gonna take is one stray spark to start a fire. I plan on wetting down the ground all around my house.

Amanda H. said...

Agreed, especially in regards to the combat veterans. My old dog (rip, we lost him just in March after he was in my life for 11 years. That dang dog was worth his weight in gold, got me thru college, my first marriage, my divorce, my second marriage, and was a saint for the first couple years of my toddlers life. But I digress...) used to go NUTS about anything like guns, thunder and fireworks. I worked for a vet clinic and even on heavy doses of all different sorts of meds, he got no relief (nor did I). *sigh*

Vera said...

I agree as well. All I can think of when fireworks go up into the sky: that it is money going up in smoke, and where the hell is the hot remains of the firework going to end up, hopefully not in my garden or up on my roof!

Quail said...

Yep, spent the last two days removing leaves, dead branches and weeds from around the ol' homestead and wetted down everything just before dusk. Pity because I'd been using the leaves as mulch to conserve water. Locked up all the critters early by bribing them with their fav munchies. We are in suburbia with idiot teens up the street. They started two weeks early this year by launching bottle rockets on the dry lawn of the school playground. Joy.

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