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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting the moos

We were thrilled when our Good Neighbors re-fenced their pasture so it now comes just about to our hen yard. However the hard workin' farm dogs weren't sure what was over in the brush and kept on barking a warning to whatever the "intruder" was stay away from their territory. We couldn't have that going on all day so I figured I'd take the dogs over to meet the moos.

Upon reflection taking a "wolf" over to see a just-bred beef cow with this year's calf still at her side may not have been the best idea. It kinda went like this:

"Hi Cow!"

"Oh geez...."

 "Run for your lives!"

Just kiddin' - but I'm guessing Weekend Cowgirl is laughing pretty good about now. Yikes!

Actually, I think they established an uneasy peace when the cow didn't start shaking her head low and pawing the ground (a clear sign to run for your life) and Ti just stood quietly by my side. I told Ti that the cow was "mine" - which is just our command that means "whatever it is isn't a threat and leave it be." Soon she moved off and the dog thought that the big ol' moving bag of meat and poop was the best thing he'd ever seen.

Our goats can see the cows also. Debbie told me that she thought they were the ugliest looking goats she'd ever seen. Nibbles said that she like them because she "felt skinny beside that big one."

The cows share the pasture with the Good Neighbor's Boer goats and their ladies have come over to our side to see what all the clucking was about. And their buck came also. The good news is that its a sure thing that both my gals are bred - they didn't show any interest at all in him. But they weren't sure what to think of his ladies. Both Debbie and Nibbles stood like statues staring at the newcomers. This should make for some interesting times.

This new fencing is really a life saver for us - literally. The Good Neighbors fenced in the bramble between us which is where my arch nemesis, Foxy Brown and her gang of chicken thieves live. Once the goats and the cows clear out the brush we'll have a clear line of sight to look out for predators. And the cows will help keep the hawks away who won't prey on the hens if there is something big moving about nearby.

Thanks Good Neighbors!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

What a great story!!! Fences are just dandy. I hope that everything works out great for the animals and hoping that the chickens benefit! How precious of you to mention me!!! I have a big smile on!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

We loves ya, baby! And I can't wait to get cows of my own...neither can the dogs

Heiko said...

Eddie the Beagle always tries to be friends with everything else. He regards a donkey born at the same time and the same place as him as a big brother! By the way, have you had anything to do with any towers toppling the wrong way up your way?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Heiko! Please tell Eddie that little Kai totally wants to be his friend!

Towers..heh heh heh... um... (avoids eye contact) who ME? hee hee hee that was something to see wasnt it!?!? WOW. Today we were chainsawing and had a tree fall the wrong way (no geese were injured in the incident) but thats all I know about that.

Chai Chai said...

And like a good neighbor,
cows and boer goats are there...

Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! i'll go and sing it to them today. so glad that you got your goaties home

and now the complaining starts...sheesh! i should do a post for you called "what to expect when you are expecting.." humm.. maybe i'll go and work on that

Happy Friday, baby!

Mr. H. said...

Can our little Rowdy dog come and play too, he likes everybody...a little too much sometimes.:) Someday I will have to introduce our cattle dog to a cow.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Happy Friday, Mr. H! Yes yes - send Rowdy right over and we'll all look at the cows.

Unknown said...

Oh yes, we must have a "what to expect when *your goats* are expecting" post from you! Mine asked me today "does this football shape around my middle make me look fat?" Than she stomped off to pout when I fell down laughing. She thought it made her hips look "curvy"

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Java! I'll get to workin' on it. I'm thinking the Debbie is just nuts this time.. wow! She'd better have some darn fine babies thats for sure

Ok I have to run out and fan her with palm fronds and tell her how beautiful she looks...

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