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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes and prayers. And especially a big thank you to the folks who offered their help! I really appreciate everyone's kind words and for laughing along with me during this ridiculous situation.

 Itty Bitty

I'm making progress with my limpy leg and can almost walk like a regular person and not Quasimodo. The good news is that the drugs are working - the bad news is that they make me feel bad.

Little Mo, co-writer.

So I'm still benched. To make sure of it my husband was here yesterday "to work from home." HA! I think he was just supervising me so I wouldn't hobble out and cut hay or something.


Pretty much I've watched everything on hulu.com and spent a lot of time around sleeping cats. Soooo many sleeping cats. It's hypnotic.

Sweet Peep

Of course now I'm at the bored stage. But onward and upwards, right friends?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Anyone have suggestions about what to watch now? My requirements are very little character development, running, shooting, running and shooting, car chases, or aliens. Meaningful dialogue, zombies, vampires, or almost anything from PBS need not apply.


Katie said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. Hopefully you won't need the drugs much longer.

Enigmama said...

I've been reminiscing my childhood and watching Magnum PI on Netflix. Lots of cheesy guns and car chases there.

Gayle said...

The movie Paul seems to fit your criteria.

Unknown said...

Boy, do I remember that! The "now I'm at the bored stage" ALL SUMMER LONG. After foot surgery I thought I'd die of boredom. Now I'm up and busy, after PT to settle my back down, from limping so long...

Unknown said...

its hard being home during the day and seeing that all the animals have early afternoon naps (and the dogs have all day naps) and trying to stay awake yourself to get things done...

Quail said...

Try "Once Upon a Time" by Disney. It is a series for grownups. Addictively good Evil Queen and others, fabulous twists on fairy tales.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Katie, its kind of the thing were the cure is almost worse than the original injury. But i'm on the upswing.

Melissa, what a great idea! I loved magnum so much - yay!

Gayle, thanks so much. i looked this up and laughed A LOT. and yes i think its perfect for me.

hey LHiB! ugh I hate the recovery phase... so frustrating.

Farmer Liz, all i can think of is everything i SHOULD be doing. sheesh.

thanks Quail! i'll check it out

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Special cat time is not a bad way to pass the day! Hope you are back to normal now!!

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