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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Turkey Progress

Remember these little guys? Well just look at them now!

Turks, now bigger than the buckets.

Our turks are really growing! They are spending most of the day up on the hill pecking around and doing turkey stuff. They are happy to be outside and so are we.

Turkeys love pecking at the grass.

The turkeys are also really entertaining. Probably the funnest part of our day is to take the turkeys up or down the hill. They don't have to go very far but they sure have fun getting there. So do we.

While I was recovering from my recent medical mayhem we might have had an incident known as The Drunk Turkey Drover.... but there is no proof that happened so we just won't talk about it. 

Of course we always have one "Wrong Way Wendell."  It doesn't matter if they are turks, chicks, or ducklings there is always that one guy who won't keep up with the group or who just flat out runs the other way. In this case its Wrong Way Wendellyn - she's a little hen who always panics and flees the other way only to walk in later pippin' and chirpin' like it was entirely normal - she's quite a gal.

As we get closer to the end of September our thoughts turn to the Great Turkey Harvest of 2013. It's going to be turk-i-licious. As usual we will do a rolling harvest. Meaning that we'll butcher a few at a time. By the end of November I fully expect to have a couple 50 pound gobblers out there. The battle will be glorious.

But in the meantime, these young turks are just gonna love being outside and doing turkey stuff.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


Sunnybrook Farm said...

They are really looking good, I need to look into turkeys next year. The wild ones here love to eat the grasshoppers in the grass.

David said...

wowsa that's a lot of meat! What a good life they are having!

DreamingOfChickens said...

Soooo, you know we are fully expecting to hear all about "The Drunk Turkey Drover", right? You can't just tease us with someting like that. It just ain't right.

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