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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Soggy Dog Day

Nothing to see here, folks, we are having a soggy dog day. What a rain!

Big, boring dog day. That's what we have.

We were no where near those big storms thundering across the South, thank heavens, but we are getting our share of the rain portion of that storm system.

Did everyone see the heroic efforts of this guy on the news this morning? Talk about a real life hero.

Nothing' but snoozin' and looking bored. Or sleeping.

With the weather firing up again today it's probably a good time for everyone to review their storm preps and get their plans in place. Even if you aren't in imminent danger, being prepared is essential.

Let's put up this post again and that video from last year you just have to see. It's the family inside a tornado - and how quickly the storm ripped apart their house. No one wants to think that this could happen to them - but that's what these folks probably thought also.

Believe me, you will feel better if the only thing you do today is go to this site, put in your zip code, and bookmark that page (or set up alerts) for your area.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Stay safe and get your storm prep planning done. A soggy dog day is the perfect time to get your ducks in a row.


Unknown said...

Oh my, the news from US has been horrific. Thanks for link Leigh. Sharing ALL good and bad keeps us connected as a world community rather than "it doesnt matter because it could never happen to us". What a good soul that man and many others have. I read your storm prep post only recently (during the big catch up with Leigh's blog weeks) and it sure has relevance and good advice for all. Best wishes to all Americans during this stormy season from Melbourne, Australia.

Unknown said...

It's great to see people just jump in and help :)

Unknown said...

That tornado video was really sobering... at least they survived...

Vera said...

We have had a patch of soggy dog days here as well. But, OFG, how do you keep your dog beds so clean. Our dog beds always look in a muck, no matter what the weather is doing!

Ken Broadhurst said...

Hope the storms have left you alone. My folks in N.C. have survived another time. All is well here in Saint-Aignan.

Unknown said...

Hello there, i did post a comment on this post but it went off into the ether, somewhere. I checked out the link and my goodness, this guy has a good soul. I commented before that sharing the good with the bad is part of what makes us a community, spread throughout the world. Caring and sharing with each other. I hope that your US readers in affected areas did pay attention to your preparation post and were ready for the tornado season. It really is beyond belief how you live with this kind of devastation year after year and many here wonder why people continue to live in affected areas. I guess the answer is that they a generational farms and well, where would they go? Im off the land so i understand that it becomes part of you. Oh well, greeting and many blessings to our friends in the US from Melbourne, Australia.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Lynda - it's been crazy here. Fortunately we were out of the path of most of it but I'm guessing this will be a wild season. Sometime we wonder why folks live "there" too... but the thing is... there is danger everywhere. Earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, storms, flooding... there really isn't a "safe" place. Last nite they showed the fires in California and the horrible flooding in Florida.... with all kinds of storm damage in between.
Thanks for your best wishes!

Isn't it amazing, Nancy? The folks who helped really were heroes. It's amazing how quickly everything can change.

Organized chaos, Vera! ;-)

Hi Ken! Always great to see you. Glad your people are well - the Carolina's have really taken some hits lately. Been loving your pix - keep them coming!

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