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Friday, September 5, 2014

Everybody Salsa!

I'm in the middle of a salsa frenzy. Of course I was very nearly two tomatoes short of a full batch but then I remembered another tomato plant hiding out in one of the gardens. So I barely squeaked by for this batch.

I think salsa in the jar is so pretty.

Of course I don't have enough onions so I went on down to the produce auction. I just love going to the auction. I got some good deals on these peppers and onions.

ProLife Tip: Don't ever pay $25 for a basket of tomatoes or peppers.

But what really capture my attention was the two gals who bid each other up to the final sales price of $25 for a basket of tomatoes. TOMATOES! Sure they were the big orange ones.... but $25?!?! And yes that is in US Dollars. Then I very nearly passed out when they big each other up again over peppers - the price on that peck was $17.

They were very happy with their victory over each other but the rest of us just stood back, agog.

I paid $5 a peck basket and I thought that was too much.

I barely made a dent in the sweet peppers I bought and since I'm now between pickings of tomatoes I went to the auction again. I scored some super Romas for just $5/basket.

Got the grill going? Just add some veg and make salsa - it's as easy as pie!

Altho I never ad-lib my canning recipes I do love to make fresh salsa based on this recipe from Steven Raichlen's "chiltomate" grilled salsa. I had the grill going anyway as I was roasting corn to put in the freezer. Making fresh salsa is as easy as grilling some veg and then giving it a whirl in the blender....and then I added some grilled corn and it was out of this world.

And now... everybody salsa!  Are you in a canning frenzy?


MT Dreamer said...

Well that was a good auction day for the farmer that brought those tomatoes and peppers to the auction! Must have been city folk bidding on that stuff! Ha!

Vera said...

I should be 'in canning frenzy' but am doing other things today! Tomorrow..back to the frenzy!!!

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