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Friday, September 19, 2014

Pigz are lookin' good!

Speaking of fatty pancakes....

That one on the far left is always goofing around.

...the pigz are lookin' good!

We should have butchered one of these pigz by now... but our non-farm life has gotten kind of crazy. And now our schedule is changing - again. So when the dust settles we'll have to see when we can get one of these pigz hanging. The problem now is, of course, um... they are all kind of big for the fridge. So we will have to do some awfully fancy butchering to get the carcass cooled.

OK so is the one on the far right. Fine they are all ridiculous.

Until then it's nothing but scampering around the county finding the last of the green beans. Got my second bushel yesterday so I'll be working on them.

Here is a Life Pro Tip (LPT)... even if your best green bean helpers insist on "helping" you snap beans...and by "helping" I mean eating them out of the "just snapped bucket"..... don't let them eat too many. The big dog toots were legendary. I don't know what I was thinking. As one of my favorite pals said, "Beans, yo!" 

Happy Friday everyone! Is your day consumed with thinking about pork and beans?


Vera said...

No, my thoughts are centred on what the hell to do with all the courgettes and squash we have harvested! And then there are the shop bought harvests to consider, like mushrooms and garlic and carrots and lots of other veggies. Are you as tired as I am with all this harvesting lark, OFG? Vx

Weekend Cowgirl said...

They are very cute. We have never had pigs!

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