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Friday, September 26, 2014


I'm not a huge fan of fall. Sure I love the cooler temperatures and everything pumpkin... but honestly I hang on to summer for dear life.

The only thing that fall really means to me is that summer is over and I'll be stuck inside during the winter - much to my discontent.

But I can't ignore the 40* morning temperatures... the last of the tomatoes need to be brought in and put up.

That doesn't mean I'm giving up entirely on my beloved summer..... I'm going to enjoy every single day that I have left. Even if that means wearing a heavy sweatshirt and a hat with my shorts.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you hanging onto summer?


Unknown said...

I love your photos! The tomatoes look especially happy.

David said...

It's 80 today as I pack my suitcase.... feels like summer still!

Ken Broadhurst said...

I hang on to summer too, enjoying being outdoors and having the windows open in the evening. But part of me longs for winter, when there is little or no work to be done outside. I guess that means there's always something to look forward to as the seasons come and go.

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