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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's green bean day!

I picked up my green beans last nite - they were still being picked out of the field. Talk about fresh!

I got a bushel for $20. Aren't they terrific?

I got these from an Amish neighbor. How do you buy from the farm when you can't just call, send a text, or order online? Drive around until you see a hand painted sign and then go on up to the house. Sometimes you need to honk your horn and wait until someone comes out. Is this weird? Nope! This is their business and folks are happy to see you.

I asked the little gal who came out if she still had beans? Yep. How much for a bushel? $20. When can I come back? Monday after 5:00. So how easy is that? Remember that some farms do not allow Sunday sales as this is their day for religious services.

I went back with some extra boxes and baskets that I had accumulated because I knew they would appreciate them... and then I also brought my own bushel basket. Don't have a basket? Just bring a bucket. Or a box. When I got there she said they were still picking and could I wait? Sure! So played with their barncats and checked out the baby calves they had penned up in the yard. Then I paid in cash, loaded up my beans, and drove away.

How fun and easy is that?

Today I'll be snapping these beans then canning half and freezing the rest. Why not all canning? Because some times we like a little variety. Canned beans have a specific texture and quality which is perfect for being fried up with some bacon. But the frozen ones seem to be better for stir fries and adding to stews.

The bean season is winding down so I need to get busy. If I'm lucky I can get another bushel later in the week...but I have to hurry. Hopefully my green bean helpers will be my assistants again today.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is this your green bean day?

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