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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Seriously. Today is the day I need to work on peppers... just look at these beauties!

Aren't they beautiful?

I got all of these at the auction last week..... for $3.25 and I thought that was a little high. I stopped bidding at $3 and someone else won at $3.25. Because I was the "back up bidder" I could take two flats of these peppers for that winning price. It was still a bargain. Next time you are in the store check out the $0.99/each price and laugh at them for me.

I'll be blanching then freezing these so we'll have them for quick stir fries and for making nacho/taco meat. This process is so easy. The blanching step is necessary to stop the enzeymes from breaking down the food. It may seem unnecessary but it's not.

I made a couple rounds of Giardiniera with the last peppers I got. I just love having it for sandwiches and stuff. I also roasted than froze some of the red peppers from the previous batch.

Why didn't I get to this yesterday? Because it's glorious here! Low humidity and cool temperatures - I just had to be outside. So I spent some time taking down the garden and prepping the ground so I can plant wheat as a cover crop next week.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you working outside or are you getting your peppers done?

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Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Wow so cheap. I have never blanched my peppers I normally just dice them and freeze them on a tray before transferring to a freezer bag. I might try blanching this summer.

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