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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey Baby! Where did you come from?

Today started out with a mystery......

Hey baby! Where did you come from?

I found this little buddy in the hen house alone. I heard the peeping from across the yard so the dogs and I ran over. I found him standing alone and looking lost. So of course I scooped him up and put him in my br.... I mean.... personal mobile incubator. And then wondered what I was going to do.

What's in there with them? A sock filled with rice and heated in the microwave - 
just in case they need something to snuggle.

One chick alone rarely does well. They need little buddies. Plus I couldn't go to town today with a chick peeping inside my shirt. I mean... I could... but I already give the town's folk plenty to talk about.

Just about when I'd worked myself up into full crisis mode I went back outside and found.... two more chicks! Apparently one of my duck mommas is setting a nest and had some chicken eggs under her. The problem is that chicks hatch at 21 days and ducklings hatch at 28 or more..... so the duck momma may or may not get up from the rest of her eggs to chase her chicks around.

 I love having chicks. Even if they are hatched by a duck. For heavens sakes!

Unfortunately the babies would not last long if their momma isn't standing guard over them so I took up the babies. They are in the bathroom peeping while a host of over-interested cats try to figure out how to get under the door. Today should be interesting.

I'm going to see if any more chicks hatch today and then set the whole kit and caboodle up in the garage. The one thing that I've learned about farming is that just about anything can - and will - happen.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you find any mystery peepers today?

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