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Thursday, February 5, 2015

More on Shine

Thanks, everyone, for your fun comments on our epic saga, A Tale for Winter. As with all of our Adventure Tails... they are Not Entirely Fiction.

 We sure love our Shine!

Our beloved King of Barncats, Shine, did end up with a festering wound on his foot. In fact, one of his claws was torn off down to the quick (*winces*) and then he had a puncture wound nearby. We have no idea how any of this happened. Thank heavens my husband saw it. We took him to the vet when it didn't get better after a day and she fixed him right up.

He got a long acting antibiotic shot (as giving him daily medication would have been very difficult) and an Rx to stay incarcerated for several days. We gave him extra rations and lots of snuggles. After a couple days he was right a rain.  I"ll probably talk more about the importance of barncats soon - ours are worth their weight in gold.

As for Bitty, I'm sure she will have a lot of adventures soon. But this morning she was playing with a potato on the floor.

We really did find Bitty in a dumpster. She started out as "Scruff" but then she changed to Itty Bitty. you can read more of her story here. Our Bitty - what a girl!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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