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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shaggy Dog and going to the vet.

Sometimes this is blog is my personal record keeping. Like today. I need to note that Zander has been blowing his coat. This is important because it's almost a month earlier than last year. I'm hoping this means there will be an early spring.

He is a mess. We are calling him Shaggy Dog.

I'm pretty sure that there is an old saying that "When Bubby blows his coat - so does winter" or something like that. But I have to believe we are on the downside of cold and running up to spring. In the meantime I am spending a lot of time raking him out. So. Much. Fur.

Hey look! It's me with Bubby and Kai!

I also need to note that we went to the vet. I need to make another appointment for Dog#1 in a couple weeks. We are doing the series of Lyme disease shots for the Dog Horde.There are two shots for each dog.... so there is going to be a lot of driving around with dogs. Luckily Dog#1 is just fine in the car.

I'm noting this because I need to remember when to make the appointments and also because I didn't really know about this. Lyme disease is starting to make it's way into our state. The vet said some of the spread is caused by hunters going to the eastern states and bringing the ticks back on their deer carcasses. Can you believe that? So it's a thing here now.

I guess I should say outright that this is not an invitation for everyone to start fighting about vaccines. Do what is best for you and your dogs. I just gotta remember to go back.

Last year we were very smirky and told the vet that we don't have ticks because of all the poultry. Which is largely true - but then we all spent a lot of time in the woods and that didn't work out for a lot of us. Once we get more of that area cleared we can see if the chickens will go down there and work their magic.

My cat is sad because I don't understand her inner struggle with the general malaise that engulfs her.

Our cat Pepper also got drug along for an appointment for a weird bump. After a lot of gagging by yours truly they fixed her up and she was declared bump-free. I had prepped the vet and the tech that Pep is a squirmer and we might need more strong people to hold her down for the exam. Of course Pep was the model citizen and they all laughed at me and said, "Not this little angel?" The tech cuddled Pep while Pep shot death rays out of her eyes at me. Her wagon is fixed tho.

That's the word here. More cold but no snow. Today is inside but I'm dying to get off farm again. I've got mine eye fixed on some fancy pastries....

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is the fur flying there? Are you driving around with a happy dog and an angry cat?

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